Why Choose Bark Busters Bunbury?

Bark Busters is the Largest Dog Training Company in the World

That hopefully reassures you that our dog training techniques work as we have grown and continue to grow as a result of our unique system of dog training. We have approximately 45 franchises in Australia and New Zealand, and we get together on a regular basis both in conjunction with Head Office and in smaller groups to fine tune our skills and keep up-to-date with techniques.

I am local to you

As your dog trainer, I can relate to some of the more local problems you may have; such as your dog exhibiting unwanted behaviours.

I come to you

Home dog training has been proven to work, as you and your dog are in familiar, relaxed surroundings and therefore can learn more quickly and effectively.  Some dogs we see are either naughty in group training classes and have been “expelled” or are as good as gold in a classroom environment but misbehave at home or outside.

Home Training = Less Stress For Your Dog

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You will see a major difference by the time I leave

I know, it might sound unbelievable.  Look at the testimonials …

I genuinely want to help

Yes, this job can be hard at times but I love the work and do it because I want to prevent you becoming frustrated and perhaps re-homing your dog.

Only you can change your dog’s behaviour

You and I will work together, and I will talk to you about how your dog’s behaviour can be changed, and show you what to do.  However, ONLY YOU can truly change your dog’s behaviour as, after I leave, you must continue to practice the techniques and put in the work so that any changes are long lasting.

Want to establish yourself as the “leader of the pack”? Our Bunbury dog training is simple and fun. Read what our happy customers have to say:
“We found Catharina to be very informative and helpful. She explained everything to us clearly and simply so it was easy for us to understand and put into practice. We noticed and improvement in Castiel after our first lesson today, we look forward to working with him this next week and for our follow up lesson. Catharina was able to answer all our questions and gave us lots of very helpful and informative information which we are even able to apply to our other dog. Castiel responded to her very well as did we. We are looking forward to working with and learning from, we especially found the information on how to communicate with your dog and more importantly how they communicate with us, some markers are so subtle that we would probably never noticed or understood them during our dogs life. We especially enjoyed and found interesting that the training does not require any treats, or harsh methods etc.” SHONA M. | BUNBURY, WESTERN AUSTRALIA